Ag. Peres: “Interest but no negotiations.”

John Solano

Stefano Antonelli, the Italian agent of Bruno Peres, spoke to about the Brazilian’s future. These are his words:

“The situation of Bruno Peres is in progress. I read a lot, maybe too much. Certainly he has an excellent market (of suitors). It is a pity that he has not yet expressed his footballing value in Rome, perhaps his attitude has been misunderstood by fans. This relationship is still being built and perhaps this has caused his performance to suffer. Roma will have to make a choice on Peres. If so much is written about him, then something has to be true: there has been some interest, but never a definite or particularly advanced negotiation. Today, Bruno Peres is a Roma player, we will see what the club will decide to do with the player. Bruno is happy at Roma and if he leaves, it is only for something very important. More important than Roma is something I see as being difficult.”

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14 Apr 18:00