Ag. Tadić: “Roma and Milan wanted him. Serie A? Perhaps in the future”.

John Solano

Milos Malenovic, the agent of Ajax attacker Dušan Tadić, spoke to today and conceded that Roma were interested in his client. These are his words:

A goal and two assists in the Bernabeu — these are things that do not happen every day. Was it the best performance of Tadić’s career?
It was an incredible performance, his and the whole team. I don’t think he’ll ever forget this match for the rest of his life.

Yesterday some Italian fans wondered why he did not play in Serie A despite the interest from Roma and Milan.
Who knows, maybe he will play there in the future.

So you confirm that there were contacts with these two clubs?
They wanted him last summer and last fall, they tried to get him when he was a Southampton player.

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