Ag. Veretout: “There’s 4-5 important Italian sides following him”.

John Solano

Mario Giuffredi, the agent of Fiorentina’s Jordan Veretout, spoke today to Radio CRC about the future of his client. These are his words:

“I don’t think Fiorentina have already said ‘yes’ for Veretout to Napoli. They don’t have a sporting director so I don’t know who to meet with. There’s a lot of confusion in Firenze until we get further clarifications from them. I haven’t been assured that Montella will stay, the only certainty is Antognoni, whose role has yet to be defined. There are many sides following Veretout, there’s 4-5 important Italian sides and one foreign one. Roma and Arsenal? I don’t like naming names”.

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