Ag. Vidal: “Loan with obligation? I don’t know that all these details are in place.”

John Solano

Graziani Battistini, the agent of Aleix Vidal who oversees the interest of the Spaniard in Italy, spoke today to Pagine Romaniste regarding the player, who has been rumored to be very close to joining Roma. These are his words:

“A loan with an obligation to buy? At the moment, I do not know that all these details and are in place, so it’s early to talk about it, if Roma says it’s interested in Vidal, it may be that it’s true. Monchi knows him very well, he knows what the parameters of the player’s situation are, so if he has decided to get things started, then they’ll get started. It takes only a second to get things moving.”

“My last conversation with Monchi? I speak to him every day, we say ‘Goodnight’ each day. That’s not the problem. It’s understanding if he wants to say, ‘I want to bring Vidal’. If they have this idea and want to make it concrete, they will communicate it. I do not know if in the coming days we can further things.”

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