Alisson: “I hope to become a Prince of Roma.”

John Solano

Roma goalkeeper Alisson spoke to GloboEsporte today, here are his words:

Just like Falcao, you will leave Internacional to land in Rome.
it’s an inevitable comparison, but Falcao is Falcao, there is only one. If I can not become a King of Rome (like Falcao), then I hope to become at least a Prince. In Rome, I will play with great players, guys like Totti and De Rossi are idols and have always been at the club and other guys who are new like El Shaarawy, Salah and Rüsiger. It’s a team that has played a great season. Playing alongside Totti will be rewarding for me.

When will you be unveiled?
The presentation will be on 1 July. I know very little (about the city) except what everyone else knows about the city. I’m looking for more information, especially from those who already lived there. Everyone has said nothing but good things and that my family and I will adapt quickly. It will be a chance for my family to grow culturally. We don’t only think about football and money. At a time in which Brazil is going through a crisis, we are moving to a country that is doing better and is very good for us.

The Copa America then you will go to Roma and then you have the Champions League: you have a lot ahead of you.
I’m an ambitious person. Life is this way and I have always dreamed big. My father said something to me, ‘…dream big and become great’. I really believe in this, I grew up with my father telling me this phrase. I know my limitations as a human but I am always in search of success.

You have won over the Brazilian fans of Internacional. Now you will try to do the same with the Italians?
First, I have to try to win over (those of) AS Roma. Let’s go step by step. Initially, I tried to convince Internacional fans first and then the Brazilians. I will continue to fight to win the confidence of everyone.

Is the Champions League a dream of yours?
Yes, it’s a dream. It is one of the reasons why I chose Roma. Playing in the Champions League and the Italian League. It’s been a long time since Roma have won the Scudetto. I hope to succeed.

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