Alisson: “I’m well in Rome, it’s a unique experience.”

John Solano

Roma goalkeeper Alisson was interviewed by Roma TV today:

Your thoughts on Rome?
I’ve found that I’m doing very well here, it is a unique experience in a historic city and in a team like Roma, culturally Rome is very similar to Brazil, my family and I are well here. I’m doing well not only from a football perspective here but also a culture one, this city can teach you so much, so it’s been a positive experience.

This is your first experience abroad: how have you adapted?
At first, it was difficult because of the language until I learned it because here everyone obviously speaks Italian and a bit English, but initially I knew the latter more than Italian. In three months I learned the basic concepts of Italian and began to communicate better with my teammates. On the pitch it was different and came more natural, just in the first week I was able to understand both European and Italian football, adaptation on the pitch was quicker than off because of needing to learn the language, culture, and ways of the country. There are many foreigners here, more so than in any other countries so there’s all kinds of culture here.