Alisson: “I’ve improved thanks to Italian football.”

John Solano

Roma goalkeeper, Alisson, was interviewed today by Sky Sport. These are his words:

“Has Italian football helped me improve? Of course, it has helped me to better understand tactics, in Italy, we work a lot on this and it helps me even when I am with the national team, I see the game in a different way now. I am lucky to have a strong manager and teammates here, all of which are helping me grow in my career. Our form? Us footballers must be calm if the results do not arrive. We’ve gotten some things wrong lately and we realise this. Against Verona, things went well and we won, but we got into trouble when Pellegrini was sent off. Though, we also work on being down a man and not letting our heads drop. It is important for the team’s growth, we have to keep on working hard and we continued to do so even when the results did not arrive. Football is like that sometimes.”

The Brazilian then touched upon the race with Inter and Lazio for a Champions League place, “Both Inter and Lazio are tough on paper. Lazio is playing very well, they have great players and are very strong in attack. We must do our job and worry about finishing in the top three. My future? I am thinking only about Roma, I try to stay focused on my present.”