Aquilani: “Return to Roma? It’s like asking me if I want to play in the World Cup.”

John Solano

Former Roma, Liverpool, and Juve midfielder Alberto Aquilani was interviewed in today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport. These are his words:

Is there an anti-Juventus?
If Roma and Napoli play, but I see Roma a step ahead. Di Francesco is a hammer even if though their transfer market came with a bit of unknown. Pastore: he’s a great talent, but as a mezz’ala he must work hard. Napoli may need time, with Sarri it was a perfect car, Ancelotti is a great man but he is in his first season with them. I would also not underestimate Inter, who made important purchases. With Spalletti and his exuberance, they could make the leap in quality.

Would you like a Roma return?
It’s like asking me if I want to play in the World Cup. But how would I do so? I should have come back 4 years ago. I am happy with what I have done for Roma, to return would be a dream, but I am the first to say that it is not possible. One day, I would like to manage them.

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