Aquilani: “Return to Roma? It’s like asking me if I want to play in the World Cup.”

Former Roma, Liverpool, and Juve midfielder Alberto Aquilani was interviewed in today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport. These are his words:

Is there an anti-Juventus?
If Roma and Napoli play, but I see Roma a step ahead. Di Francesco is a hammer even if though their transfer market came with a bit of unknown. Pastore: he’s a great talent, but as a mezz’ala he must work hard. Napoli may need time, with Sarri it was a perfect car, Ancelotti is a great man but he is in his first season with them. I would also not underestimate Inter, who made important purchases. With Spalletti and his exuberance, they could make the leap in quality.

Would you like a Roma return?
It’s like asking me if I want to play in the World Cup. But how would I do so? I should have come back 4 years ago. I am happy with what I have done for Roma, to return would be a dream, but I am the first to say that it is not possible. One day, I would like to manage them.

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