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Baldissoni, Defrel, Ünder, and Keba fly to join US Tour

RomaPress Live – Fiumicino: Roma director Mauro Baldissoni and attackers Gregoire Defrel, Cengiz Ünder, and Keba all arrived at Fiumicino this afternoon to join up with the rest of Roma’s squad in the United States.

Baldissoni made a brief statement regarding the acquisition of the Frenchman stating, “We are pleased with the acquisition of Defrel.”

Defrel himself also spoke to awaiting media members:

What kind of negotiations were they with Roma?
It was not fast, no.

When did they begin?
From January, in January we had a lot of dancing and back and forth and I was disappointed to not be able to arrive, but now I’m happy. Finally I have arrived.

Did you hear from Di Francesco yesterday?
No, I have not spoken to him yet.

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