Baldissoni: “We are happy Dzeko remained.”

John Solano

Roma general director Mauro Baldissoni appeared on Radio 24 and discussed the transfer market campaign of the club. These are his words:

What will Roma do in the next eight hours?
I believe we will not do a lot, a guy has arrived and is completing his medical examination and he will replace Emerson. We will complete this operation and then the Sporting Director will be on alert until the very end because certain situations could arise but that will not upset anything.

Roma kept Dzeko and Nainggolan but sold Emerson for profit.
I think it is appropriate to clarify, this is a city where disturbances often take place. It is not easy to make a sale, clubs must follow the rules of fair play. This obviously implies there are some restrictions on certain operations, we must achieve a balanced budget and our costs must be equal to revenues. Roma does not need money because we have a solid property behind us. Roma do not need money – because we have a solid ownership behind us, one that has injected €98 million towards running costs over the last 15 months.

Why sell in January?
Roma only sold yesterday as there was an opportunity. Having acquired a company with a loss in recent years, we were subject to a penalty. We have still been able to maintain our competitiveness on the pitch, while recouping the difference between our running costs and revenues with a series of high-value player sales that have enabled us to balance the books. If an unexpected offer arrives, as it did with Dzeko, then it may be that we consider an interesting offer.

Why did the Dzeko saga not materialize?

Roma stuck to its request for the player as it potentially could have made things interesting, but we are still happy that he remained because he is a champion.

There’s been a bad mood around the club lately plus big investments such as Schick have not been doing well.
The money and investments aren’t strictly related to purchases, but also with the renewal of players such as Strootman and Florenzi. Maintaining an important structure of players is evidence of wanting to maintain competitiveness. Something has not been working, we need to do better, but this team proved to be able to compete up until December, but in the middle of the same month, the performances have not lived up to expectations as well as for the supporters, whose outbursts and whistles are justified


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