Baldissoni: “I hope the stadium will bring many magical nights.”

John Solano

Roma director Mauro Baldissoni appeared on Roma TV this afternoon. These are his words:

“The Champions League qualification obtained on 5th December, as we finished in first place in the group, along with the ‘Yes’ by the Conferenza dei Servizi for the stadium represent an extraordinary day. We didn’t get much sleep that day due to all of the excitement and adrenaline. However, being used to thinking about the future, the next morning we went back to work, with the same enthusiasm. We’re not able to rest until we finalise the missing pieces left in order to carry out the initial construction, so it’s better to work and worry about reaching the next objective.”

He continued, ”The stadium will give us more sleepless nights but I hope it will also bring many magical nights for Roma fans. For many years, we’ve been talking about the dream of having our own home and there was a risk of it being only a dream, something unattainable. Instead, we must commit ourselves to make it happen. If you go around Europe you can feel, or rather, touch the importance of these modern structures, in some ways they’ve become iconic, we can also have this element of identity here in Rome. The mission of President Pallotta is to give Rome a multi-use and centralised hub that can allow Rome to compete with the best entertainment venues in Europe, which are led by cities such as Paris or London. The stadium alone won’t be enough, though, a Juventus-style policy will be developed in order to get to benefit from a positive and direct effect on the team’s results. Juve have won every Scudetto since their stadium opened, obviously, to enter the discussion of international football, you must win trophies.”

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22 Apr 18:30