Baldissoni: “I see a calm team with zero anguish.”

John Solano

Marion Baldissoni to SportMediaset ahead of the Derby:

Do Roma have the responsibility to clarify themselves to be the only anti-Juve?
We must think of ourselves and be antagonists to our greatest limits. We have to continue this path and do so with more continuity.

The change of formations?
It’s a result of who is and is not available, but the diversity of options aren’t lacking in quality and quantity. We will see.

That feeling has given you the team?
I have seen calmness, a healthy determination and zero anguish, which is what I like. Let’s hope!

The market in January: have you already chosen a replacement for Salah?
Today you can we have guys on the bench like El Shaarawy, Totti and Iturbe, who aren’t playing because of tactical choices despite the absence of Salah. The options are already there, but we won’t run and hide if there is a chance to improve.

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MatchDay 38
26 May 20:45