Baldissoni: “Pressure is a motivator.”

Mauro Baldissoni to SportMediaset ahead of Porto-Rlm

Optimism for tonight?
Yes, there is trust, optimism is a subjective mood. Trust is a responsibility, the awareness of the strength of this team is there, it is up to them to prove their worth.
The transfer market?
The team, we believe, is complete – just like Spalletti said yesterday. There are several choices to be made from the technical and tactical point of view. I always say that the market is made up of choices, creating opportunities, and Roma choosing to improve an already competitive squad.

There are professionals who have a value and an undeniable history – if you look at goals scored and games played by Dzeko, you understand this for yourself. Pressue is a motivator, nothing more. They (the team) have demonstrated their ability to manage emotions expressing their quality.


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    02-04-2023 16:00