Baldissoni: “Roma deserved to finish first.”

John Solano

Roma director Mauro Baldissoni appeared today on Roma Radio. Here’s an excerpt of his words:

“Yesterday something happened that does not happen often? We have to stop saying that. In the end, (by saying that) no positive things happen. However, things do not happen by themselves, we work to make them happen. Let’s start thinking differently. We must instead work to have things like this be normal. We had two teams in front of us who were favored due to their ability and results in recent years. They were placed before us in the predictions, so we must not deny that but rather claim it with pride and be aware of our strength. You can be unlucky or lucky in a single match, but it is rare that you do not collect what you deserve as you continue on your path. Roma deserved to be first, but we must now focus on new goals that are attainable.”

He continued, “The stadium? The project is extremely serious, the area we chose was done so in a transparent way, we asked for a selection of available areas and from there we came to the selection of ours, which was then chosen with two different administrations. It is an important effort that can be decisive not only for Roma, but also for the entire city: it will become a center of economic, sporting and entertainment interest. We want to compete with other European realities like the one in London where there is the ability to host the greatest artists. Italy is cut off from interesting and modern art circuits, and we want to change this. The goal is to open the construction sites for the end of April, the beginning of May 2018 next spring. The planned construction time is 26-28 months.”

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22 Apr 18:30