Baldissoni: “The renewals? There are normal talks.”

John Solano

Roma general director Mauro Baldissoni to SportMediaset ahead of Roma-Pescara:

The renewal of De Rossi?
You guys have a passion for contracts (laughs)! Daniele, like Francesco, is a special player, this is his home and there is a relationship that goes beyond the normal dynamic than when you normally discuss contracts. We’ll talk later, we see no reason not to continue the relationship, we’ll talk calmly.

The contracts of Spalletti, Nainggolan, and Manolas?
You always speak of contracts, but the list (of awaiting renewals) is longer. There are many players who expect the remodeling of their contracts, but it is not a problem for us. Manolas and Nainggolan have long contracts with ys. There are regular discussions, which are part of the dialectic between the club and the player.

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