Baldissoni: “The stadium? The recent talk is nonsense.”

John Solano

Roma general director Mauro Baldissoni to sportMediaset before Roma-Torino:

The updates on the stadium?
I want to emphasize the fact of not wanting to comment on what ever happens, but it is mandatory to maintain an institutional profile, we interjected with the appropriate authorities but remaining silent is complicated because we have listened to this nonsense from the various industrial outlets. But I repeat that we should discuss everything in the appropriate setting and allow the institutions to do their job. This latest development has brought forth a lot of messages to me from various people; when people do not understand the situation and ask questions and makes strange assumptions and asks us why an artifact in a total state of neglect, which nobody uses or enters, suddenly deserves protection after it was presented years ago and prevents a few billion from being invested. We will continue to comply with the laws, both local and municipal, and the administrative procedures. But we still have all the steps in front of us as well as the court system. We have already invested €60 million.

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MatchDay 33
22 Apr 18:30