Baldissoni: “We need to find balance.”

John Solano

Roma director Mauro Baldissoni to SportMediaset ahead of Roma-Palermo:

Which is the real Roma, director?
It should not be this hard, but this team has not yet found its balance. Roma has its qualities: we beat Inter and Napoli. But there are often emotional and mental drops that always concern us, we can not solve them.

Roma wants to be the anti-Juve?
Roma must be the anti-Roma: we must cure our deficiencies and the beating of ourselves.
The words of Garcia?
We thought we were being too too kind! I won’t respond to him because we want to continue to do as we are. We wish him well and hope Roma does better than last season.

Will another fullback arrive in January?
We have many injuries: Rudiger, Mario Rui, Bruno Peres and Florenzi. We must have the players with different characteristics adapt to new positions but it’s clear we need the injured guys to return first.

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