Benatia: “I am still tied to Roma. A return? Maybe”.

Former Roma and current Al-Duhail defender Medhi Benatia was interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport. These are his words:

“Roma? I stayed for only one season, but a great love is born. So much so that after less than three months, I decided to buy a house”.

On Saturday it’s a match of your two exes.
These are two teams to which I am tied to. I think it ends 2-1 for Roma, it is very important to win to go to the Champions League. They can do it, but they no longer make mistakes.

You’ve left on good terms with your teammates, but with the clubs, however…
Time seems to make things right. I reconnected with Sabatini, a great person, just like Massara and Balzaretti. Not to mention Checco (Totti). Unfortunately, I could not see him when he came to Doha, but I hope to go there for dinner soon. I haven’t heard from Pallotta since I left.

Have you ever thought of joining Garcia in Marseille?
I love him, but returning to France was not in my plans.

Was your friend Ziyech one step away from Trigoria?
During the World Cup, we talked about Roma, he asked me a thousand questions, he was very interested. But then I don’t know why he didn’t join. I don’t think he knows either.

Did you keep the house in Rome?
Up until a year ago, but I sold it. Rome will always remain special for me. A return? Maybe.

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