Cagliari sporting director denies Nández-Roma rumors

Andy Mattioli

Cagliari midfielder Nahitan Nández was subject to several transfer rumors linking him with a move to Juve, Napoli and even Roma. Cagliari’s sporting director Stefano Capozucca spoke to L’Unione Sarda and clarified the situation around the Uruguayan’s uncertain future.

“He is one of the strongest players we have here, he is temperamental, ambitious and I think he wants to play in European competitions.”

“He never said it, I want to clarify this, but we know of this ambition. That said, deals are done in two, there has always been a lack of spark to land in a top club. This year, it’s certainly not Cagliari’s fault that he didn’t end up at Juventus.”

“Juve wanted him but Nandez himself was not convinced to go on loan with option to buy: “Either they want me, and then I’ll go”, he says, “ but I don’t want to feel under scrutiny.” In short, the only options on the table were a transfer with the obligation to buy, or to remain at Cagliari.”

“He is convinced he can play in a top club in Europe. He is now in Cagliari and he is very happy to be here with us, we really appreciate this attitude.”

Asked about Roma and Napoli’s interest, Capozucca said:

“Roma has never asked us for the player, Napoli are unable to sign him at this moment.”

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