Capello attacks Zaniolo, his mom, Francesca, fires back: “He’s an example”.

John Solano

Controversy has arisen surrounding former Roma manager Fabio Capello and current Giallorossi midfielder Nicolo Zaniolo.

Following Inter’s victory over Borussia Dortmund yesterday evening, Nerazzurri attacker Sebastiano Esposito was interviewed by Capello, a pundit for Sky Sport, who made an off-handed comment to the youngster at the expense of Zaniolo as he said, “Now, Sebastiano, don’t follow in Zaniolo’s footsteps”.

Many Roma supporters have been left bewildered by the comment – but it’s not only supporters who were caught off guard by Capello.

Francesca Costa, the mother of Zaniolo, couldn’t hide her displeasure at Capello’s words as she responded on her official Instagram: “Sometimes it’s better to be silent, without words! I’ll be your mother too, but you’ve gone your own way and you’re an example for lots of youngsters who write to us every day chasing your dream and hope to be like you.”

She continued, “You who debuted in the Champions League at age 19 and scored a brace in the competition – the youngest Italian to ever do so. At 19, you who made your debut in Italy’s senior squad and was named Serie A’s best youngster of the 2018/2019 campaign. At 20 years old, you already hold 47 appearances for AS Roma with seven goals and three assists. For me, you’re an example and should continue to be so – you’re not a path that should be avoided for any of your peers, young or old, including the phenomenal Esposito. All of this while I hope this campaign against you, which I can’t understand, doesn’t destabilise you. I love you”.

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