Conte: “Roma are a great team.”

John Solano

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte spoke at a press conference today ahead of the showdown tomorrow against Roma. These are his words:

Why are you getting all these injuries?
The problem is we are playing the same players and they are not used to playing three games in a row. I have to take risks. Morata got injured against City, but if I didn’t put him there you’d say I was crazy.

De Rossi?
I’m very proud to have managed De Rossi. I still get goosebumps about our journey with the Italy national team. He’s a great man before being a great player. It’s difficult for me to see him as an opponent.

Why did you want to buy Nainggolan – what was so good about him?
It’s not right to speak about players from other teams. We tried to buy him but, now, Nainggolan is a Roma player. I have great respect for him. He’s a really good player – one of the best midfielders. But he’s an opponent.

Is it a good time to have a Champions League match (after losing to Palace and City)?
Yes. The Champions League is a really tough tournament. Roma are a great team and are doing well in Serie A. They are well organised, have a lot of good players but it’s a good time to play (in this competition).

Were you close to joining Roma after Garcia? And what do you think of Di Drancesco?
It’s a great club, so I’m extremely proud of seeing my name close to them, it’s a big city and a big club. After Garcia, Roma made two great choices such as Spalletti and Di Francesco.

I could have taken a risk against Palace to play Morata but I’m not so stupid. He is in line to start.

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