Cristante: “We’ll finish in the top four”.

John Solano

Roma midfielder Bryan Cristante spoke today to Sky Sport ahead of this weekend’s match against Cagliari. These are his words:

You’ve played in many places, how is Roma different?
Rome is fiery, it’s something particular that you can only find here. The history of the city seeps into the clubs, people have this passion that you can only find here.

Are you close to a certain person in the team?

With everyone, we’re a good group and close-knit. Everyone in the dressing room speaks together.

Why have you collected only 2 points against five small teams?
Because we haven’t done well, we need to do better against these sides. Even though on paper they look simpler, there are no easy matches in Serie A. We have to improve and we’re working on this.

Cagliari also look simpler on paper.
We’re working hard on the pitch. We seem to have found the right balance, so against Cagliari, we must absolutely bring home the three points and find the continuity we’ve lacked.

Is there a specific reason for all the muscle injuries?
No, I think sometimes there is bad luck and then it snowballs. Injuries are normal, though.

He’s improving and will become a great player, he is doing very well and must continue on this path.

Where will Roma be at the end of the season?
In the top four, it is our goal and we have what we need to get there. We just have to find the continuity that we’ve lacked.

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