Curva barriers to be removed

John Solano

La Repubblica: The war for the barriers in the Curvas has been won by the fans, and it’s not an April Fool’s joke. The only thing missing is the official announcement, but after yesterday’s meeting between the President of Roma, James Pallotta, and Sport Minister, Luca Lotti, the decisive step was made.

The glass dividers will be removed from the Curva Sud on 1 April after 18 months after the protest of the ultras of Roma. All of the necessary institutional leaders found an agreement after months of work. The only thing left is for the Supervisory Commission to give their input on the matter: the only obstacle left to be overcome, but it is almost a formality. Once this arrives, the barriers that have divided the hottest sections of fans will be gone. The move happens three days ahead of the 4 April second leg Derby between Roma and Lazio in the Coppa.