Daniele De Rossi previews Udinese-Roma

Andy Mattioli

Roma manager Daniele De Rossi previewed Sunday’s fixture with Udinese at the Dacia Arena in an official interview with Roma TV.

On the eve of tomorrow’s matchday, De Rossi spoke to the club about the preparations that went into this match given Roma’s limited 72-hour time window between the Europa League schedule and their Serie A engagement.

”We used this opportunity to avoid travelling back to Rome. Instead we spent time together and enjoyed the wonderful training center that Monza made available to us.”

”We would like to thank Dr. Galliani, all of Monza, Raffaele Palladino for the extraordinary welcome and congratulate them on the wonderful state of their sports centre.”

”How should we handle this momentum we’re experiencing? By trying to be like the players of the teams we aspire to face. Real Madrid win in the Champions League, after three days in La Liga and so on.”

“Beyond the values of the players and coaches of these great teams, it is the mentality that makes the difference: always being able to be attached to the event you go to play. There is nothing more beautiful than winning, working and trying to fight to keep winning.”

”We come from two intense games from a physical and mental point of view, I’ll take into account some of the knocks guys are dealing with. The difference is not made by the single player, but by the attitude of the whole team. In the eyes we have the victory with Milan and in the derby, but we have the Lecce game still on our minds. We must avoid at all costs that kind of superficial attitude, that’s our objective.”

”Abraham from the start? Let’s see, he’s getting better and training continuously. Physically in terms of strength and sprint I see him very well. We have to help him gain minutes and psycho-athletic condition to have him back at 100%.”

”Rumors about my future? I have been doing this job for a long time, that is, I have been in the world of football for a long time and I have been in the world of football in Rome for a long time. These things don’t bother me that much.”

“When I’ve had a hard time I’ve always worked thinking about the fact that usually in football and even in Rome bad times don’t last long. But I know very well that even positive moments don’t last long if you don’t have the right attitude. I always have the Lecce game on my mind to remind myself of the kind of treatment i’d be in for if we were to do badly from here on out. And then honestly, beyond the positive or negative criticism of me, I am interested in the results of the team and the happiness of everyone, the boys and the club.”

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MatchDay 38
26 May 20:45