Daniele De Rossi unhappy with refereeing display in Lecce draw

Andy Mattioli

Daniele De Rossi called out the decision-making in this evening’s draw with Lecce.

The Roma boss was unhappy with a penalty not being called on Zalewski as he expressed his frustration in the post-match interview with DAZN.

“If I think about the first half, we suffered a lot. We suffered from their physicality and them recovering so many balls. It also happened in Florence against Fiorentina.”

“We need to get better at this. Football is beautiful, it’s nice to talk about it, but then sometimes it all boils down to duels. The pitch was a bit hard, but the team must be able to change and play gritty football.”

“Overall, the match was difficult. They won against Fiorentina, drew against Milan. We suffered more than expected.”

“If I reduce our mistakes down to duels, it means I only blame the players. Tonight we got wrong a bit of everything. We had some shortcomings in the construction phase… We had prepared it differently. We knew we had to go wide, but we put too many balls in their way and allowed them to counterattack.”

“The touch on Zalewski? I hadn’t seen it from the field. Then on the tablet I looked and saw that there was a clear penalty that was not given to us. It’s a shame, a shame because winning was important for us, especially when playing dirtier games. I’ve seen teams win championships even by winning less brilliant games. If there is a penalty, you have to give it.”

“I didn’t understand this decision. In Florence you touch a player’s shoulder and they give a penalty… I like football in which this contact is not a penalty, I like football in which Acerbi’s offside is not offside. But the rules must always be the same. This way it’s easier for us too…”

“Lazio? We have little time to waste. We have little material to prepare for this match, because they will only have played two matches with Tudor. Tudor is very different from Sarri, and he is very good. It will be a heartfelt match, as always, but very difficult.”

“Dybala? We knew we would only put him in if necessary. We always need him, like any team. We knew we would have to use up his playing time. With a clearer result, I would never have worn it. We didn’t want to risk giving him too many minutes.”

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