De Rossi discusses his career while conceding “the end is near” on his career

John Solano

Roma skipper Daniele De Rossi spoke today to DAZN and conceded that becoming a manager could be in his future following his days as a player. Here are his words:

“I have this dream of being a coach and if I have to think about all the things a coach has to do, the thing that scares me most is having to do 100 interviews a week. My father tells me that being a manager is nice, but it’s a big job (laughs). He’s more of a teacher because he never had the ambition to become the new Guardiola, Sacchi or Mourinho. I can learn many things from him, even for normal, every day things. We’ll see if it’s possible, but I’d like to travel to study and learn more”.

De Rossi also discussed the injury that has kept him out for over a month as well as his time as a footballer.

“When I was little, I would have signed up to play even half of the matches I’ve played in Serie A, I’m lucky. I had my dream job in the city I love, with the people I love. It’s a bit sad to look back into the abyss because the end is near, especially during this time when I’ve been injured, I’ve tasted what it means to be away from the squad, and I know it’s going to hurt me when I stop doing this job. This is the most serious injury of my career, it’s a cartilage problem, I’ve suffered a serious injury. It would be very serious if I were to tear it again at 35”.

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