De Rossi hails Roma comeback

John Solano

Daniele De Rossi to SportMediaset after Roma completed their comeback against Barcelona:

Give us an idea as to the greatness of this night.
You should try and imagine what we feel, for any team this would be a triumph, but for us, especially given the size that Roma has always been, it’s something incredible, now we have to take one more step.

How did you get here?
We were aware that it would be very difficult but there was a bit of conviction. The first leg revealed that they were stronger but not by much, if we go to review the match, there had been certain episodes that didn’t go our way. We weren’t dejected after the first leg.

Are you happy?
I’m very happy. But I am trying to be as calm as possible. In the first leg, I had a good performance but all that was talked about was the own goal. I scored in other matches but perhaps was a shadow. I’m happy for my teammates, the staff and the Mister.

Is this the most beautiful day since you’ve been here?
It is one of the most beautiful. I was really moved before the match to see a full stadium. I told the lads that if they (the fans) believed in it (the comeback) we had to believe it too.

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