De Rossi: “I am the property of AS Roma and Romanisti.”

John Solano

Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi was interviewed by Il Romanista. These are his words:

“Do you realise what it means to be a bandiera of Roma? It means an enormous responsibility that always brings you to the front. It means you have no choice. When in the past I had offers or when we were on the verge of bankruptcy or when someone simply calls you don’t respond. I am the property of Roma and the supporters of Roma. I, Daniele De Rossi, am the property of the Romanisti.” 

Have there been too many sales and additions? Is there a connection?
There may be a link, there have been many new additions but they integrate well. This is a healthy group, it helps to have new players, we’ve embraced them and welcomed them in a quick and positive manner. Plus there are the ideas of the Mister, the president, and the director…and then you have to put everything together. It’s a good group, though.

It’s been said Olsen lacks confidence.
A lot of bad has been said of him. I see a goalkeeper coming into his own, I do not see a deficiency in goal. The picture of he and I hugging is a normal photo, it is a photo from the first match of the season, there’s no need for me to defend it. Olsen reminds me a lot of Strootman who, when he first arrived, kept talking to us in Italian because he wanted to talk with us.

The death of Mrs. Maria Sensi?
It’s news that has filled my heart with sadness. Maria Sensi saw me grow-up in Trigoria and over the years never stopped making me feel her affection and her support, like a true supporter. I send a big hug to Rosella and her sisters.