De Rossi: “I’m ready to start as a manger. I hope to manage Roma someday”.

John Solano

Former Roma captain Daniele De Rossi spoke to Sky Sport today and discussed his future plans as a manager following his retirement as a footballer earlier this year.

“As a footballer, I had a path that’s more unique than rare: it’s not often you play for 20 years at the same club. However, managers don’t last this long, especially in Rome. I hope to be the manager of Roma someday, but there is a path of growth you must go through first,” he said

“I went from being an old footballer to a young manager. I’m staying calm. I hope and think I’ll sit on Roma’s bench someday — if it happens, I hope it’s because I’m a strong manager and not because I used to be a good footballer”.

“I’m ready to start on this managerial path. I’ve always been recognised as a leader but there’s more to it than just that: you’ve got to put the right team on the pitch, construct the right staff and be able to handle the pressure”.

”When you lose, it’s the manager’s fault but when you win, it’s the players”.

“When you enter this profession (as a manger), you’ve got take things from the best: such as Guardiola. There’s also good managers in Italy like Gattuso and De Zerbi”.

”Regrets on my career? Of course: not having won something worthy of tears at Roma. I am sometimes accused of having little ambition, but I had the ambition to win at a place where it never happens. I am at peace. I am very happy with my career, but am sorry I did not have the joy of a trophy (at Roma)”.

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