De Rossi’s assistant coach Guillermo Giacomazzi describes working with Roma legend

Andy Mattioli

The assistant coach of Daniele De Rossi, Guillermo Giacomazzi, described what it’s like to be working at Roma with the legendary figure as the team’s manager.

In an interview with Ovacion for El Pais, Giacomazzi said of his rapport with De Rossi, “He is a friend first and foremost. We met five years ago through mutual friends, after his experience at Boca. We get along very well personally and he is a great person.”

“We met by chance two and a half years ago at a dinner in Rome, where it all started. He proposed that I join his staff, at any level, both in Serie C and in Serie B, wherever he may end up working.”

“We talk a lot about football, beyond having to adapt on a personal level, we share the same vision of football. Daniele is a great communicator and has the passion and ability to convince others of his ideas and then show them on the pitch.”

“We work a lot, we arrive at seven in the morning and leave at eight in the evening, like we did at SPAL. I think the important thing is to have passion and continue to grow little by little.”

“Working in a club implies a weekly or monthly program, of short and long term work, with specific objectives. However, we did not have the opportunity to work with a team right from pre-season, which would allow us to plan with more peace of mind. We were called to work with a team that had already been prepared to play a certain way, we had to quickly adapt to their needs. It’s a challenge, but we’re happy with the progress we’re seeing.”

“The relationship with the fans is fundamental to motivate us. It’s not easy, it depends a lot on our performance on the pitch. The passion of the Roma fans is spectacular, similar to that of the South American teams. Playing in front of 65,000 people is a unique experience.”

“Even if we have to stay calm during the match, we are always in contact with the fans. The Roma fans are spectacular, playing at the Olimpico and listening to the anthem is an unforgettable experience.”

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