Decisive day for Schick: meeting in Montecarlo

John Solano

Today is the decisive day for Roma and Patrik Schick.

Corriere dello Sport reports that today, Monchi and Baldissoni will meet with Satin and Paska, the intermediary and agent for Schick, today in Montecarlo ahead of the Champions League draw.

Roma have done everything in their power to convince the player, Sampdoria, and his entourage. Roma have offered €2.5 million in agent fees and also have the agreement in place with Sampdoria. Samp president Massimo Ferrero now has it in his head that he wants this operation to close with Roma.

The contacts between Roma and Samp continued yesterday, with telephone calls between Baldissoni and Ferrero and between Pradè and Monchi. Napoli and Milan also tried to make inquiries for the player but Ferrero informed both clubs that things are too advanced. The conclusion of the Schick operation has intensified the relationship between Roma and Inter, who will face-off on Saturday at the Olimpico.

Ferrero was waiting for an offer from Paris Saint Germain, but it did not arrive. In the end, there is only Roma and Inter for the player, but the Giallorossi have two advantages: the possibility of offering more cash immediately and the alliance with Ferrero yet also have two obstacles in Satin and Paska. But in Tuesday’s meeting between Baldissoni and Romei, all of the economic guarantees and details that followed the agreement reached Saturday between Pradè and Monchi were provided: Roma will pay €6 million immediately, then €13 million next year and the remainder within the next 5 years to reach €39 million.

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