Defrel: “Happy for the goals and the points.”

Gregoire Defrel to SportMediaset after scoring in Roma 5-2 Benevento:

You said before the match that you would score many goals tonight.
I am happy, especially for the three points and the goals.

You needed a bit of confirmation.
Yes, we struggled at the beginning, but the important thing is that we recovered well in the second half and we won this match, which was not easy.

The penalty?
I asked the guys to take it and without discussion they gave me the ball, it was a nice gesture, I’m very happy.

The goal was important psychologically. Were you worried when it hit the post?
Yes (laughs), when it touched the post I was scared, but luckily it went well.

Does Ünder speak Italian well?
Still not well, but he understands it fine. He is a great player and is getting better, hopefully he will be able to score more goals.

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