Despite Roma interest, Schick joining Samp

Dario Canovi, the Italian agent of Sparta Prague’s Patrik Schick, spoke to PagineRomaniste after it was revealed that the player will join Samp instead of Roma:

Schick is very close to Sampdoria. Can you confirm?
It’s done, Ferrero has also confirmed this.

There was talk of €4 million offered by Samp versus the €5 million Sparta wanted.
Sampdoria will pay €4 million divided into three installments: €2.5 million now and then €1 million and €500,000

Why did things with Roma stall?
For Sampdoria, Schick was a priority but not for Roma, that’s why he went there.

Could there be synergy between Sampdoria and Roma for the player?
No rule it out.

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