Di Francesco comments ahead of Sassuolo

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco spoke to Roma TV ahead of tomorrow’s clash against Sassuolo. These are his words:

Will you try and restart from the second half of Juve-Roma?
From my point of view there were things we did well in the first half, especially in the first 25 minutes, in Turin too. We won the ball high up the pitch a few times but failed to turn that into something. For me there were times in that first half when the squad had the ball and could have interpreted the situation a bit better, especially against a side that works out from the back. We need to do better.

Are there any traps in the match against Sassuolo?
Sassuolo are a focused team, with their own clear identity. I know the place well, they will be ready for the game and have a lot of interesting young players. They aren’t where they are in the league through luck – they’ve dropped a few points along the way too.

Some important players have recovered. What’re their odds for the match?
It was a bit of a risk to bring Dzeko on in Turin after just one training session – he hadn’t done much work out on the pitch. We need to evaluate him closely, between today and tomorrow we will have a lot at whether he is able to start or play a role off the bench again. I will speak to him as well, how he feels will be important. We are looking at Pellegrini but I think it is probably more likely he will back for the Parma game. Now it is important he gets back to match fitness.

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