Di Francesco, Dzeko speak before Chelsea-Roma

Roma’s Eusebio Di Francesco and Edin Dzeko spoke at a press conference today ahead of tomorrow’s match against Chelsea. Here are their words:


Differences between the match tomorrow and the one against Napoli?
Certainly I want a different approach, the guys know that, knowing that there is an opponent who will be angry since they lost against the last team in table.

The absences? Did they affect the match against Napoli?
The team reacted against a big team, but don’t think we’re inferior to Napoli. We can rotate players and we have options in the squad, but it’s not right to go into that now.

Accountability for the injuries?
First of all, I came to Roma for everyone to grow together, with me being first responsible. I look at the opponent and see they have injury problems as well. At this level,  problems like this can always happen.

I definitely think he can play in these sorts of games. He always trains really hard and gives a lot on the pitch.



Do you feel that you’re in the best moment of your career?
Yes, I feel good and it is an important time. I’m happy with the goals I am scoring now and the ones from last season but I have to thank the team. But I can not stop, I have to work harder and try to do better, I’m happy to be on the list for the

What kind of match do you expect?
Chelsea losing against Crystal Palace shows the quality in the Premier League, Chelsea are still very strong. We know that we will face an angry team with a manager who will spur them on to the maximum, but we try to worry about ourselves and do our best for tomorrow.