Di Francesco the favorite, Monchi could bring his former head of scouting

John Solano

Il Tempo (Austini): Spalletti will postpone the announcement of the “divorce” with Roma until the end of the season.

One last big problem Spalletti has before leaving is the the management of Totti in this weekend’s decisive “Champions League” match, which has essentially become an event to honor and admire Totti. As for the future, Monchi has decided to point in the direction of an Italian. With the top candidates such as Sarri, Conte, and Montella being out of reach, there is now a candidate who is in front of everyone: Eusebio Di Francesco, former Roma midfielder and team manager, who has a €3 million release clause to leave Sassuolo. Di Francesco will meet with club president Squinzi this weekend discuss the future. At Trigoria, Di Francesco would be greeted by the youngster Pellegrini, whom Monchi and Sassuolo’s Angelozzi have already discussed. Alternatives to Di Francesco? There are few. One possible name is Samp’s Giampaolo. Others? We will see.

Meanwhile Sabatini’s shadow moves from Spalletti to Massara, his historic assistant, who is still waiting to sign a renewal with Pallotta, who is arriving this weekend. But Sabatini wants him back with him and is ready to hand him full control of Suning’s Chinese territory. Monchi, at that point, could bring to Trigoria his former head of scouting, Miguel Angel Gomez, who is set to leave Sevilla.

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