Di Francesco, Kolarov speak ahead of Real Madrid

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco and left back Aleksandar Kolarov spoke today at a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s clash against Real Madrid. These are their words:


Why the defeat against Udinese?
We knew Udinese was going to be a very important match, but we lacked determination. You can’t just go to the supermarket and buy the right desire and hunger to win matches.

How are the injured players?
Pellegrini will not be available for Real Madrid and Inter. Olsen will have a last evaluation today but the results of his exams have been good.

Roma had several shots against Udinese but couldn’t score.
There’s a lot of data that appears positive that ultimately becomes negative because of our results. We need to believe a little more in what we are going to do.

How important is this match for your future?
For the team, let’s talk about the team. I do not speak about myself because I have always felt great trust on the part of the club. The result of tomorrow is important to get first in the group. Our position in the Champions League is good and we can make it even better.


What can’t be repeated from the first meeting?

Certainly the Mister has prepared well. We weren’t up to it in Madrid. We are at home and we have to prove from the first minute that they’re the visitors. We have to start strong and try to win the match.

Is the difference in performance between the league and Champions League merely a coincidence?
Only a coincidence, in the league, the team is struggling but in the end we will reach our goal, which is to arrive within the first four places. I speak for myself, but I face every match the same way.

Will it be difficult without De Rossi, Manolas and Pellegrini?
Yes, but it would have been the same with them. Real have won 3 consecutive Champions League, even with everyone available it would have been difficult. But they will struggle to beat us, it’s certain.

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