Di Francesco: “We must regain our balance.”

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco attended the “Ferrante – Pitti Uomo” event today in Florence and spoke to present media members. These are his words:

The team has suddenly collapsed. Will you be able to start over?
I like to talk more about what happened and on which I have to work, especially from the mental point of view. Up until 20 days ago, this team was a revelation, we had done very well in the Champions League, we can not be the team that we’ve seen in the latest matches, especially in the first half against Atalanta, where both the team and manager gave a bad impression. We will work positively because in our environment we are very negative. Perhaps initially the judgments on us were too good, and now they’re too negative. We must regain balance.

I remember that when I played at Roma, Tommasi was one day forced out of Trigoria and was escorted, then he became the idol of Roma fans. Sometimes we tend to destroy footballers too quickly, he has yet to show his potential.

The formation?
I believe in the 4-3-3, we will go forward with this formation. I will work on the 4-3-3 and on the players’ mentality with positive results as the footballing environment pushes negative judgments far too soon. As I said, the initial judgments had been too flattering and now too pessimistic, we must regain our balance.

There’s a meeting between the hierarchy in London and the market will be discussed.
I have not spoken with Pallotta because my corporate point of reference has always been Monchi. We will see the decisions that they will take, I have given my opinions.

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