Di Francesco, Perotti speak ahead of Porto-Roma

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco and Roma attacker Diego Perotti spoke today ahead of tomorrow’s showdown in Portugal with Porto. These are his words:


Conceiçao says they will not have to be in a hurry. Mentally, how do you have to play?
It’s a long match, they have a disadvantage of one goal so we will have to defend well.

Is Roma more suited to the Champions League?
The results say this, we must keep this competition close. It would be a great thing to move to the next round, even on a historical level.

Why have there been these highs and lows?
It’s been like this the whole season, we’ve never had great continuity.

What’s your mood?
From the moment I started sitting on Roma’s bench, difficult moments are a part of the job. However, Roma is playing tomorrow and the interests of the Romanisti is that Roma progress. My sincere thought is focused on having a great performance and allowing us to advance. I’m not playing tomorrow, it’s not my game, it’s in everyone’s interest that it goes a certain way. The rumors and whispers are a part of the job — but this match is important for everyone.

Do you think it’s inappropriate that Sousa will be present tomorrow?
Absolutely not, because it’s one thing to make unprofessional statements, but watching a match? I could be doing that tomorrow.



You’ve managed some important goals for Roma.
Everything that happened last year is positive, tomorrow is a different match, but perhaps I can continue to do so. But it will be tough, however, we have the desire to improve the picture we painted in the Derby, tomorrow it will be a test to show that we are ready.

Roma have a small lead.
We have a small lead and we have to take advantage of it, we can not think about the result of the first leg, but we have to play our game in all aspects, and if we score a goal or two it will be complicated for them.