Di Francesco: “The Scudetto? Let’s talk later.”

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco gave an extensive interview to La Stampa. These are his words:

Can you win even in Rome?
The Scudetto? For now, let’s stay grounded. We want to disrupt the others, but if we grow more and we pass certain tests like the one in Turin, let’s talk later.

You’ll be in Turin to face Juventus, let’s discuss this duel.
They are growing. Juve is back to being vicious and cynical, they give off the feeling they’re never going to concede even when their opponent is at their best: have you seen the 0-0 against Inter? They did not win, but they deserved to.

A reason why Napoli could win the Scudetto.
Napoli can win the Scudetto because they’ve put teamwork at the center of what they do: they move better than the others. Those who maintain that repetitiveness makes you predictable, I say that the same repetitiveness gives you greater certainties.

One reason why Inter can triumph in the league.
Inter may be the surprise: they do not play in Europe and this is a major advantage. Spalletti has a good squad and very clear ideas: you don’t go unbeaten for 16 matches with luck.

And Juve.
Juve, among other things, have the habit of winning. Plus, the Bianconeri are led by a “European” manager.

What do you mean by “European”?
Because of the way he handles his guys and situations. He’s fully aware of his means.

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