Di Francesco speaks after SPAL loss

John Solano

Eusebio Di Francesco to Sky Sport following Roma 0-2 SPAL.

Was the attitude wrong?
The penalty changed things. It was clear that the team had the match in their control. SPAL didn’t have a chance on goal before the penalty. In the second half, we were too hasty. When they had a man sent off, we had to do better at creating numerical superiority, we threw away too many balls. I’m a little angry because I want more application.

What happened on Dzeko’s chance?
Ask Edin, today he did not succeed in scoring but I hope he can recover immediately. We need to be more lucid in front of goal.

You concede too often, is Manaolas essential?
Each goal situation is different. Even against Bologna we lost with him on the pitch. Dzeko and Fazio were there on the second goal and had to do better, but we must also consider the ability of other. We lost the match due to our attitudes and not continuing to play as we know how to do.