Di Francesco speaks ahead of Milan

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco spoke today ahead of side’s showdown in Rome against Milan. These are his words:

Is this the most delicate period of the season?
All periods through a season are delicate. The number of matches are starting to wind down and the margin for error starts to shrink. We have to strongly want third place as well as advance in the Champions League. It’s a very important moment of the season.

Gattuso gave a jolt to Milan. Are you surprised by his performance?
Milan have a great team, Gattuso has managed to get the most from them. Milan play good football, they have a good organization, Rino has done a great job, I congratulate him.

How is Schick? Could be start tomorrow? Is Dzeko ready?
The players are all ready, yesterday everyone trained with the group. Schick could play from the start like many others. In a normal team rotation, there’s no difference between the veterans and others, there will be changes.

Nainggolan has been producing very little.
You make me smile with this. You (the media) slaughtered me to play him as a playmaker and now you are not happy. He must regain strength and determination, which is beyond the system of play. I train Roma, the team matters over the individual. I must bring Roma to make top level performances. The mental aspect and attitude make the difference, I am convinced that he will be back to being the Nainggolan we all know.

Will there be a return of the 4-3-3?
The characteristics of my players is the basis of our system. I must say that we could go back to 4-3-3, but I had already said that previously. The strength of the team must be knowing how still play well in all systems. The problem we’ve had is interpreting the match. In the first half against Shakhtar, there was one thing and in the second half another. It is totally mental and not physical. I train in a certain way, we must grow in continuity.

Schick and Defrel can with or in place of Dzeko?
Both with and without. You often ask me about Schick when the team loses, he is a strong and important player, as is Edin Dzeko. They can both be the center-forward of this team, Defrel is a little bit more a jolly, he can play behind the striker or on the flank as a winger. It’s easier that one between Schick and Dzeko plays.

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