Di Francesco speaks ahead of Bologna

John Solano

Eusebio Di Francesco ahead of Bologna-Roma:

Bologna still has not scored, what sort of match do you expect?
It is a match that is always tough, it is a place and a compact team that has not achieved results. We must look for to win, it is always a tough match against these teams, it must be approached with a right mindset.

How’s Pastore?
He is available, I still have to decide if he’ll play.

What has happened since the spring?
I believe that all the analyses have been correct, it is true that we are distant relatives from the team we saw in the spring, but we can always get back to that level. I have to light the fire inside, I have to get everything out of the players. We have to show that we are a determined and a ruthless team. It would take an entire press conference to answer this.

Was sending Kluivert to the stands a message?
When you have a lot of players, someone must be left in the stand, I can not bring 42 players on the bench. Tomorrow, Kluivert will start the match, it could have been a signal or not, but now we need everyone and we have to give strength to the whole team.

Will there be room for Luca Pellegrini?
There could be space for many players who can play in that role. Surely Kolarov will need a rest due to his age and all the matches we have upcoming.

Is the mindset something you can work on?
Yes, you can train yours too. When there is willingness to understand, it can be improved. I think the mental portion in football is fundamental, this is my main job and I must succeed.

At what point is Olsen’s growth?
Against Chievo, Olsen was not been very busy. He had an excellent performance. He has great availability, he wants to show that the prejudices against him are not right. He is doing a great job, although he does not know the language and the league well.