Di Francesco speaks ahead of Fiorentina clash

John Solano

Eusebio Di Francesco spoke today ahead of the match against Fiorentina tomorrow. These are his words:

What would you like to see different than the trip to Napoli?
I hope a different, more aggressive attitude. An attitude that we must find with continuity, we cannot keep altering. I want the team to give balance and continuity to the ideas we work on.

Pastore and Kluivert?
They both trained with the team today and will be called for the match.

De Rossi and Manolas?
De Rossi will not be called for tomorrow, and probably not even for CSKA and unlikely for Samp. Manolas will be available for tomorrow.

Could you return to a midfield three?
Everything is possible, but if I am evaluating what I saw in the second half against Napoli, I did not like it at all: we were too passive. I want to give continuity to the game system used, I do not want to move the team’s appearance from time to time.

If Roma finish in fourth by the end of the year, do you feel it’s mission accomplished? What is the objective?
We have to play the Coppa Italia and the Champions League, we’re behind schedule in the league and we have to improve.

Will Juan Jesus be on the pitch?
I’m not sure, I’m evaluating, there are 2 players for 3 places: Manolas, Jesus and Fazio. I will talk to Kostas to see how he is and I will make my assessments. Beyond who plays or not, it is wrong to talk about one player and that’s it. Manolas is very strong, but even with him on the pitch we’ve played poorly at times. Therefore, it’s a team attitude, not a singular player one.

Could Kolarov play as a mediano?
So then you could kill me if it goes bad and he’d be phenomenon if it goes well. I don’t think he’s played there before in his career. He played there 20 minutes in a match we were up 3-0. Today, it’s difficult to experiment.

Could Schick play tomorrow?
Dzeko will start as our striker, but Schick could start on the wing. We’ll see. There is path of growth for everyone, there’s a chance for many tomorrow. I am considering everybody. There are times when you need more experience and others where you can afford to throw in youngsters, you have to evaluate the moment. In the long run, many may be involved and those who aren’t involved it’s because I feel they aren’t ready or prepared.

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