Di Francesco speaks ahead of Rossoneri showdown

John Solano

Eusebio Di Francesco spoke ahead of Roma’s clash against Milan, these are his words::

What title (in the papers) would you like to see immediately after Milan-Roma?
A great performance and a great response from Roma. The most beautiful title would be “Great answer”.

Have you already decided on the formation? Will there be a back four?
I want to make a general premise, otherwise we always talk about numbers. I mean that the system is going to be useless when the players do not put forth their most important characteristics they must have to play at high levels. This did not happen in the first half with our 4-3-3. I’m not here to reveal how we’ll play tomorrow. It is essential to lose as few duels as possible.

Nzonzi and Karsdorp have 90 minutes in their legs?
Most likely they will be starters, I do not know if they have them in their legs, though. These two could start.

Is it possible to see Schick next to Dzeko?
Schick is a strong player, with certain characteristics. He can play from the beginning or enter the match. He had two or three major balls on goal the other day, he can even determine a match in progress. I can change the formation, though, yes.

Do the players who played in the World Cup have a fatigue problem?
Objectively, Atalanta highlighted what you just said. Not only were Fazio and Kolarov were lackluster, even Manolas in the first half did not seem to be the player we know. I would worry if they were already at their best, I did not expect such a performance from Atalanta.

Does Strootman’s departure affect the players’ heads?
I did not hear a thing about it in the group, he had the desire to change and have a new experience. When I say that Roma comes first, I mean that I want players who have the desire to wear the shirt. If one has the desire to change, I won’t hold anyone back.

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