Di Francesco speaks ahead of Samp

John Solano

Eusebio Di Francesco spoke today ahead of Roma-Samp. These are his words:

Roma has proven to have difficulty in must-win matches. Which aspect matters most between the physical and the mental?
They have to be put together, together with the technical one. If you have a good physical and mental approach, but technically you make a lot of mistakes, you aren’t prepared to compete and improve your performance at home.

How is the team? Will you change something tomorrow?
Surely something will change, I’m doing my evaluations based on the latest training sessions. We have many who have played lots of football during this stretch. Everyone will be evaluated mentally and physically. There is no desire to change much, but the needs of this match and good physical condition contribute to what we need a team that plays in rhythm with verticality.

Schick or Dzeko?
Schick will definitely play, I’m still pondering whether he and Dzeko play together or not.

He still has a little annoyance and won’t be called tomorrow. He has to get back to a good physical condition..

Are you thinking about other solutions in front of the defence?
There are options. It could be Coric, who has been working well during this period. But we also need certainties and we have to make as few mistakes as possible in this match, I’m also making assessments on the midfielders who have played a lot during this stretch. Nzonzi isn’t a fast player but he plays with great balance, in Moscow, he had his best performance from a general point of view. He is a growing. He could start tomorrow if he plays.

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26 May 20:45