Di Francesco speaks ahead of the Derby

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco spoke today ahead of tomorrow’s Derby showdown with Lazio. These are his words:

Can the Derby be the turn of the season?
This season is long but I think it’s a very important match for us, we have to face it with the desire to win it and give enthusiasm back to this place.

Will you return to the 4-2-3-1?
There is still a lot of work to do but this allows us to use two different systems and it is obvious that a lot depends on the attitude you have on the pitch.

So which system will you use? How’s Manolas?
What the system is I do not know because I do not want to give benefits to others. I always live with the desire to bring into play what I consider most appropriate in this match. Manolas is to be evaluated today because he’s had a general knock. Today I will evaluate him, between today and tomorrow we will decide on his use, at the moment, he’s a player in doubt.

Could being out of spotlight benefit Cristante and Pellegrini?
Many times it’s a very valid concept, certain environments and contexts can often make the difference, I don’t know what these guys do outside of the pitch, but if they’re on social media day and night, this could either motivate them or throw them down.

Can De Rossi play another as a starter?
It’s not making a sacrifice because if he was able to, he would want to play in every single match, like everyone else. If you ask players who have played 4 or 5 consecutive matches if they ever want to play the next one, they will all answer yes, even if they aren’t feeling great. De Rossi has different characteristics from the others, sort of like Ünder, who is a sprinter and expends a lot of energy. Fatigue can be more physical than mental when it comes to playing so many matches, but De Rossi tomorrow will be the captain of this team.

What does Lazio have more than Roma?

Lazio are doing well at the moment. They added experience – players like Badelj, Correa and Acerbi, who I know well. They’ve built on the good campaign they had last season. We must be wary of the threat they pose but focus on ourselves and our own job.

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