Di Francesco speaks ahead of Roma-Cagliari

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco held his pre-match press conference today at Trigoria ahead of the clash with Cagliari. These are his words:

At what point is the understanding between Dzeko and Schick?
When he does not understand something, Edin is there and he explains it to him (laughs). It’s nice to see the guys get comfortable since they could both be starting. I like the fact that Patrik has adapted to this role on the wing. I’m glad these two are spoken of together.

What do you think of Tommasi? He’s been launched as a nominee for the FIGC by Il Romanista.
I agree with Il Romanista. He talks a lot about football, he has a lot of ideas, and he’s a well-balanced guy who’s very intelligence. He is a former footballer, but he was born to do this, I would be very happy if he became head of the Federation.

Schick, Defrel and Ünder?
We have to have margins to improve ourselves. We’re off the pace the other big teams in terms of scoring. I am very happy that we do not concede many goals, but surely we can score more goals. We need goals from those you just named. Ünder is adapting, there is great willingness on his part to improve, but they all have to improve even more in training and on the pitch, they must look for the goal with grit and determination. It’s easy to say than do, but it must be done.

Will there be an opportunity to rest for Kolarov? How’s Emerson?
We’ll rest him at some point. Emerson, after evaluating him, has improved a lot. He is still missing a little something to be at his best, he needs to play from the start. Almost certainly against Torino he will start.

Do you feel that this team can go on in all three competitions?
It’s more than a feeling, it’s what I want. I expect the team to get to the end of every competition. I am talking about Cagliari, Torino and Juve, after the league, the goal is to advance in the Coppa Italia. If we want to become bigger mentality, then we have to aim to advance in all the competitions.

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