Di Francesco speaks ahead of Samp-Roma

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco spoke today ahead of the Giallorossi’s clash against Samp. These are his words:

How was this break for Roma?
First of all, as a team, we had to dispose of the burning feel we had for from the undeserved defeat against Inter. We cleaned up the mistakes. The players came back, a bit tired, so there was a some work on the pitch and some recovery work.

What worries you most about Sampdoria?
Their great ability to play vertically, they have a system of play that allows them to quickly attack the goal. They have won two match, even though they suffered against Benevento and Fiorentina, they were good at holding steady. They are an organized team, with a very good manager.

What are the similarities and differences between your football and that of Giampolo?
We are both Abruzzesi (laughs). The idea of ​​staying compact and not being stretched, he’s a good manager.

Florenzi is ready to start?
Either he or Bruno Peres will start. Peres has recovered from his injury. Ale has given me quite positive feelings in the improvement of his condition.

Would you like to see more from your team or is everything on course?
It is difficult to give a general judgment. There are two roads we’ve gone down: the one in Bergamo, and I want to see how many clubs can get he result we did, and the one against Inter, where we brought home zero points even though we played in an exciting manner. The glass is half empty, but the team is growing and I’m optimistic. These guys can only grow.

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