Di Francesco speaks ahead of Verona match

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco spoke today ahead of Roma’s clash against Verona. These are his words:

Verona is coming from an excellent result. What are the dangers?
It is a team that has strengthened a lot, in attack and in defence, Vuković has given physicality to the defence. It’s a team with renewed positivity, Romulo has returned to the level that allowed him to go to Juventus. It’s a different team than the one from the first leg.

De Rossi?
He trained with us in the initial period, but we have now decided to give him a few more days to train. He will not be called, but he will be there against Benevento.

Will there be a change of system and will you propose a 4-2-3-1?
Anything could be possible, I could even use a 5-3-2. I still do not know the formation, I have tried a couple of systems, which could be put into place for tomorrow’s match and for the rest of the season.

A relief for you to see Dzeko remain? How was he handling the week?
I found that he made himself completely available initially and I am more convinced now. I’m very glad that the transfer market is over.

Can you better explain your words about the holidays?
I do not want to convey the idea that I am giving excuses after defeats and when things are not going well. I meant to say that, in general, more management of certain things could be done, and that starts with me. I do not like how the winter break was altered. I do not like the idea of ​​playing after one week. I would like to have 3-4 more days to prepare.

If you were a fan, what would you think of Roma? Do you want to say something to the fans?
We have magnificent fans, who have continued to supported us throughout this period. I only ask for support, courage and strength. Romanisti often say that we were born to suffer, we must continue to suffer while hoping to get to an important result. We must regain their trust and their esteem.